Fascinating Eric Burman
Fun with Eric

Little Known Tidbits
Most people know Eric discovered a new walrus species
...but there are many other things people don't know:

  • Presidential Seal
    Yes... the President loves Bluegrass

  • Hollywood Star
    (between Britney Spears & Arnold Schwarzenegger)

  • Bluegrass in Space
    (they LOVED the 48 hour marathon...)

  • Eric loved Albert
    ...but most people don't realize how much
    Albert loved Eric

  • Bill Gates also is a big fan ...
    Bill and Eric go way back,
    and Bill will be there on Sunday, hopefuly, with this.

  • WallPapering Award
    When young, Eric supported himself as a wallpaperer,
    and was quite good at it: see Eric's Award for Paperhanging

  • Ticketing Fiasco
    Things have not always gone so well,
    like this wristband tattoo

    Fun with Eric

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