This is a Brookdale Bluegrass Presentation

BrookdaleBluegrass Winter Fest
Don Quixote's, Sunday, November 27 2016, 7:00-10:30

The BrookdaleBluegrass Band has been together for about 5 years,
although most of the members have been jamming together for many years,
at the Strawberry Music Festival, CBA's Fathers Day Fest, and the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.

Eric Burman was the originator of the GOF, and has been the director of that festival for many years.
Since 2000, Eric Burman and Bruce Bellochio have presented the Brookdale Bluegrass Festival twice a year.
As the Brookdale Lodge is being repaired, the festival has been featured at many local venues, and this year,
Don Quixote's in Felton is the site for the BrookdaleBluegrass Winter Fest.
We thank Tom Miller for this show.
Sunday, November 27, 2016, 7:00-10:30

There will be three bands:
DamDave's Left Hand Band, Eric Burman and the BrookdaleBluegrass Band, and a very special musician, Freebo,
song writer, singer, bass player, tuba, and teacher will entertain as a solo act, to finish the night.
I recently returned from one of his "intensive songwriting, health, and wellness retreats",
with one of the best songs I've ever written.
Hopefully Freebo and I can play this song for you.

The BrookdaleBluegrass Band members include:
Tina Louise Barr, world famous champion autoharp player.
She was number one for the last few years, and is now in my band playing incredible music,
you've never seen anyone play an autoharp the way she does.
I love to let her go on some old bluegrass tunes, she just tears it up.
With Uncle John Gwinner on mando and dobro, these two have been playing together for many years.

Our banjo player is my friend, BanjerDan Mazer, who played at the Brookdale Festival many years ago
as a solo artist, singing, playing, and doing kids shows on the banjo.
A great story teller and writer, he has just recently opened a new music venue in Atascadero, called the Toro Event Center.
BanjerDan has been playing with me for the past 5 years.
He does the most interesting things with a banjo, it's quite fun to watch this showman.

Lets not forget my standup bass player, Robert Cornelius, my banjo player in a previous band called The Birch Lake Ramblers,
who has come back to enjoy the fun of being with old friends that love good progressive bluegrass music, with lots of originals and traditionals.

A special guest singer will join us, Hi Hat Bill Hunter, who will get up and sing a few originals about fracking and the Strawberry Music Fest.
Obviously those two things don't go together, but Bill has sung his anti fracking song on the steps of the capitol, during antifracking events.
It's good to see we can still raise a little hell over what's not right.

There will most likely be other surprise vocalists joining in the fray too.
Don't miss this show.

Get online tickets at the web site.
See the BrookdaleBluegrass site on facebook, for videos of the band and previous shows and events.
After this upcoming November event, the next BrookdaleBluegrass Festival will be in March, 2017.

Eric Burman

online tickets $3 discount, tickets are will call only, your name will be at the door
Sunday November 27


Brookdale Bluegrass Band

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